Aperol Aperitivo 700mL

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Aperol was first created in 1919 by the Barbieri brothers, Luigi and Silvio, in Padua, a city in northeastern Italy. It is characterized by a harmonious blend of bitter and sweet notes, with a pronounced orange zest flavor at the forefront. The liqueur is infused with a secret recipe of herbs, roots, and botanicals, which contribute to its unique taste. Aperol has a relatively low alcohol content and a slightly bitter taste that is balanced by a gentle sweetness. The flavors are reminiscent of citrus fruits, herbs, and spices, with a pleasant and subtle bitterness.

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Tasting Notes

Appearance: Bright orange. Nose: Lightly alcoholic, zesty orange Palate: Intense orange top with herbal and woody body notes, pleasantly bittersweet and salty notes of rhubarb. Finish: Herbal, long-lasting, pleasant and a slight bitterness

Product Details

Alcohol By Volume 11%
Standard Drinks 6.1
Closure Screw Cap
Country of Origin Italy
Region Italy

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