Woodstock Bourbon & Cola 12% Can 4 * 200ml

$30.00 each


Woodstock Bourbon & Cola 12% is a ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage that combines the rich flavors of bourbon whiskey and cola. With an alcohol content of 12%, it provides a stronger kick compared to lower-proof options. This beverage offers a balance of the smooth, caramel notes of bourbon whiskey and the familiar taste of cola. It is a convenient and enjoyable option for those who appreciate the classic combination of bourbon and cola but prefer a higher alcohol content. Woodstock Bourbon & Cola 12% is often enjoyed as a ready-made mixed drink, making it a convenient choice for social gatherings or casual occasions. Whether you're a fan of bourbon or looking for a stronger pre-mixed option, Woodstock Bourbon & Cola 12% offers a flavorful and potent beverage in a convenient package.

Tasting Notes

Blended bourbon with barrel notes typical of American white oak aging. Mixed perfectly with cola; with characteristics of bourbon, vanilla, dark fruit, souroak and grain.

Product Details

Liquor Style Bourbon RTDs
Alcohol By Volume 12.0%
Standard Drinks 1.9
Closure Can Closure
Region Kentucky
Bottled in Australia

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